Heat treatment processing Vacuum thermal engineering equipment manufacturing

Real air quenching furnace

Zhengzhou Feilong vacuum air quenching furnace is suitable for the vacuum heat treatment of high-speed steel, hot and cold working mold steel, stainless steel, elastic alloy, high temperature alloy, magnetic materials and titanium alloy, as well as vacuum brazing and vacuum degassing, the operation process and process parameters (temperature, vacuum, air cooling pressure, process time) are automatically controlled, with the user can call, edit and store the process program function, with safety self-locking protection, fault self-diagnosis and alarm function.

Vertical gas quenching furnace

Zhengzhou Feilong vertical gas quenching furnace is mainly used for high pressure gas quenching of rod and shaft parts such as high speed steel, industrial mold steel, alloy structural steel, and annealing of magnetic materials and other processes.

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