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Vacuum Carburizing



Low-pressure vacuum carburizing is the process of strong carburizing + diffusion process under low-pressure vacuum, in order to achieve the required depth of the carburizing layer of the part, the control method is "saturation value adjustment method". That is, in the strong carburizing period to saturate the austenite solid solution carbon, in the diffusion period of the solid solution of carbon to the internal diffusion to the target requirements of the value, by adjusting the carburizing, diffusion time ratio, to achieve the purpose of controlling the surface carbon concentration and carburizing layer depth.

Advantages of low pressure vacuum carburizing.

(1) No internal oxidation, can significantly improve the surface fatigue performance of the parts;

(2) Small distortion after treatment;

(3) Computer control, high carburizing accuracy;

(4) The surface of the product is bright after treatment, without cleaning and shot blasting process.

Maximum processing size of existing equipment: L1500mm X W1500mm X H780mm

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