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China Heat Treatment and Surface Modification Technology Roadmap (III)


May 31,2016

China Heat Treatment and Surface Modification Technology Roadmap (III)

Heat treatment is a national core competence

Heat treatment" is a technology that uses heating and cooling methods to control phase changes, microstructure, and residual stress fields to give the ultimate performance of the material and the ultimate service performance of key components. It seems to be a relatively simple method, but it is both a very theoretical science and a very practical technology.

The theoretical basis of heat treatment is phase change, which has been the frontier of the discipline and a research hotspot. For example, the strength of ultra-high strength steel mainly from the martensite phase change, and so far can not give the theoretical model of martensite phase change. Its practicality is very strong said that the advanced heat treatment process with the material and the key components of a thousand changes, and continue to innovate, develop and progress. As you can see, there is no material that can leave heat treatment, and there is no critical component that does not rely on heat treatment. And it is important to note that heat treatment is one of the only two technologies that give materials their ultimate performance and critical components their ultimate service performance today.

Heat treatment and advanced materials are inseparable twins. As we all know, one of the "four elements" of materials science and engineering is "composition and structure". Among them, the ultimate role and effect of "composition" is reflected in "structure", and "structure" is controlled by heat treatment. Heat treatment controls the "structure" and brings into play the effectiveness of the "composition", giving the material its ultimate performance. A material is not a material without its "composition", nor is it a material without heat treatment. Heat treatment also transplants the inherent properties of advanced materials to key components and gives them ultimate performance and ultimate service performance. Heat treatment is different from billet making technology and cutting technology. Forging billet, casting billet, welding billet can produce a certain shape and large size of the billet, very conspicuous. Cutting processing can be made out of a variety of precision, beautiful key components, extremely conspicuous. Heat treatment technology is the "internal science" of machinery manufacturing, giving the key components is the performance, neither the mountain, nor the water. Thus, although heat treatment in the key components of the economic affordability chain is many times higher than the value of other technologies, but is not paid attention to; although heat treatment gives the ultimate performance of the material, giving the key components the ultimate service performance, but is marginalized, subsidiary. Under the trampling of formalism and quick success, heat treatment, the core technology of materials, key components and machinery manufacturing, is excluded from the key technology of national science and technology development planning and is not supported by key research. Moreover, professional education metamorphosis, loss of professionals, lack of technology backward and backward again, and the gap with foreign advanced level widened and widened again. It is no exaggeration to say that heat treatment is marginalized, subsidiary, is the key components of the "three major problems" is an important reason, but also China is in the low-end manufacturing and competitive disadvantage of the important reasons.

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