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Vacuum furnace research and development should be the top priority of environmental protection and energy saving


Jun 01,2016

Vacuum furnace research and development should be the top priority of environmental protection and energy saving

The vacuum electric furnace and industrial furnace industry production and operation development momentum is good, get sustained development. Enterprise restructuring basically entered the late stage, the existing joint-stock system, private individual enterprises have accounted for more than 98% of the industry. For the development characteristics of the industry, the club actively work, so that the industry product level price development, the exchange of scientific and technological information, technical cooperation and communication between domestic and foreign enterprises, as well as with the National Industrial Electric Heating Equipment Standard Committee to work together to develop and revise a number of international standards and national standards and other work, have made good achievements and progress.

Electric furnace and working furnace is an important equipment of industrial heating process widely used in various industries of national economy with electricity or fuel as heating energy. The equipment involves a wide range of expertise, resistance heating, induction heating, electric arc heating, infrared heating, plasma heating, microwave heating, electron beam heating, etc., the product has more than a dozen categories, hundreds of varieties, thousands of individual series specifications, widely used in the steel industry, aerospace, defense industry, machinery industry and other fields of heating treatment, melting, forging, sintering, baking and other processes.

This year, the electric furnace industry market demand is still strong. With the rapid development of national science and technology and the opening of domestic and international markets and the increased demand for environmental protection, the development of high-tech, environmental protection, energy saving and other heating equipment has become an urgent need. In particular, the special alloy steel, new structural materials, new heat treatment process, continuous casting and rolling equipment market demand is large. To this end, the promotion of scientific and technological innovation is the focus of the industry this year. Will increase the research and development of new products and the introduction of new technologies to guide and publicize the work; continue to carry out quality and credible product promotion activities; actively participate in the development of international standards and national standards, revision; further strengthen domestic and international technical exchanges to promote faster development of the industry.

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