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Equipment manufacturing standardization and quality improvement planning" to lead the upgrade of Chinese manufacturing


Apr 07,2016

Equipment manufacturing standardization and quality improvement planning

State Council Premier Li Keqiang hosted an executive meeting of the State Council on April 6, decided to implement the "equipment manufacturing standardization and quality improvement plan" to lead the upgrade of China's manufacturing; deployment of the "Internet + circulation" action to promote the reduction of costs to expand domestic demand to increase employment; determine the focus of deepening the reform of the medical and health system in 2016, so that medical reform Dividends more benefit the people. The meeting held that, adhere to the standard to lead the construction of manufacturing power, is an important element of structural reform, especially the supply-side structural reform, is conducive to improving supply, expanding demand, and promote the product industry to the high-end. The meeting adopted the "equipment manufacturing industry standardization and quality improvement plan", which requires the docking of "Made in China 2025", aiming at the international advanced level, the implementation of industrial infrastructure and intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing standardization and quality improvement project, accelerate the development of key technical standards, promote the standardization of key areas such as robotics, advanced rail transportation equipment, agricultural machinery, high-performance medical equipment to achieve new breakthroughs, and adapt to Innovation progress and market demand to update standards in a timely manner, and strive to make the key areas of international standards conversion rate from the current 70% to more than 90% by 2020. To carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, the pursuit of excellence, the production of more creative, high-quality products, popular with the masses, and resolutely eliminate substandard products, to boost consumer confidence in the "Made in China" to support the manufacturing industry to improve quality and efficiency, and enhance international competitiveness.

The meeting pointed out that the implementation of the "Internet + circulation" action, is to promote the circulation revolution, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, the development of new economic initiatives, is conducive to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, boosting consumption and employment. To this end, a breakthrough in information infrastructure and cold chain transport lagging behind the "hard bottleneck" to create a smart logistics system, the development of the Internet of things. In particular, we should increase investment in rural broadband construction, drive industrial products to the countryside, agricultural products into the city, to facilitate the sale of agricultural products, not only to promote farmers' income, but also to enrich urban supply, so that market prices are reasonable and stable. Second, to break the business environment "soft constraints". Construction of business public service cloud platform, to carry out a car-free enterprises engaged in freight and merchants choose to implement the average commercial electricity prices or peak and valley power tariff pilot. Strengthen the post-event supervision, crack down on infringement and counterfeiting, and create a business environment of integrity and fair competition. Third, we must promote the integration of online and offline development and accelerate the growth of the sharing economy. Promote the transformation of traditional business networking, intelligence and information technology, support enterprises to rely on the Internet to optimize resource allocation and develop markets, and guide the reduction of physical store rents.

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