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Promote the deep integration of manufacturing and the Internet


May 15,2016

Promote the deep integration of manufacturing and the Internet

Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting on May 4, decided to carry out a special inspection of the implementation of policies to promote private investment, focusing on expanding private investment; deployment to promote the deep integration of manufacturing and the Internet to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of "Made in China"; determine measures to foster and develop the housing rental market, and promote a new type of Urbanization to meet the housing needs of the masses; the deployment of general aviation industry to promote the development of reform and innovation to expand effective domestic demand.

The meeting pointed out that private investment is an important support force to stabilize growth, adjust the structure and promote employment. The current growth rate of private investment has fallen, must take strong measures to promote the relevant policies on the ground, to further relax access, to create a fair business environment, to promote private investment back to stable and good. The meeting decided, in various places, all relevant departments to carry out self-examination of policy implementation based on the State Council sent an inspection team, around the State Council in 2014 on the implementation of innovative key areas of investment and financing mechanisms to encourage social investment related documents, select some areas for inspection, while carrying out third-party assessment. Rectify existing problems, overcome the phenomenon of inaction, improve policies to encourage private investment, respect and maintain the status of the main body of the enterprise market, promote the entrepreneurial spirit, stimulate the potential of private investment and innovative vitality.

The meeting held that promoting the deep integration of the Internet and manufacturing industry, promoting Made in China 2025, is an important initiative to deepen structural reform, especially supply-side structural reform, develop a new economy, and accelerate the "Made in China" quality and efficiency upgrade. To this end, a manufacturing enterprise to support the construction of Internet-based "dual innovation" platform, to encourage local reliance on national new industrialization industry demonstration base and national economic and technological development zones and other construction "dual innovation" demonstration base. Deepen the industrial cloud, big data and other applications, gather the wisdom of the crowd, and promote collaborative research and development and technology diffusion. Second, the development of personalized customization, service-oriented manufacturing and other new models, to carry out pilot demonstrations of intelligent production system solutions. Third, to promote small and medium-sized manufacturing resources and Internet platforms docking, to create a new ecology of manufacturing, marketing, logistics and other integration. Fourth, we should relax market access for new products and new industries, increase fiscal, financial and land policies, encourage telecommunication companies to further speed up and reduce fees for broadband access to the "dual-innovation" base, and support financial institutions to use the "dual-innovation" platform to provide one-stop systematic Financial services. Improve the security level of industrial information systems.

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