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Bearing industry demand for heat treatment equipment


Jun 29,2016

Bearing industry demand for heat treatment equipment

Bearing heat treatment is directly related to the subsequent processing quality, which ultimately affects the performance and life of the parts, while bearing heat treatment is a major energy consumer and polluter in bearing manufacturing. Bearing heat treatment equipment directly affects the quality of bearing heat treatment, as well as energy consumption and pollution. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the development trend of heat treatment technology is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

(1) clean heat treatment. Heat treatment production formed by waste water, waste gas, waste salt, waste oil and electromagnetic radiation will cause pollution to the environment. To solve the problem of environmental pollution of heat treatment, the implementation of clean heat treatment (or green heat treatment) is one of the directions of heat treatment technology development. This for the heat treatment atmosphere, quenching oil and cleaning equipment are put forward high requirements.

(2) precision heat treatment. Precision heat treatment is to fully ensure the stability of the optimization process, to achieve a small dispersion of product quality (or zero), heat treatment distortion to zero, reduce the amount of grinding left to improve productivity and save materials. To achieve precision heat treatment must have good furnace temperature uniformity, temperature control accuracy, as well as good cooling and stability of the quenching agent. To achieve precision heat treatment of bearings can take the whole quenching and induction quenching two roads.

(3) energy-saving heat treatment the use of new insulation materials to improve the energy utilization rate of heat treatment equipment; optimize the heat treatment process, improve the process yield and give full play to the capabilities of the equipment. At this stage the bearing manufacturers are doing experiments in this area, such as making full use of waste heat, waste heat, some manufacturers have used forging waste heat for bearing parts spheroidal annealing; using low energy consumption, short-cycle process instead of long-cycle, energy-consuming process, etc.; under the bainite quenching process to a certain extent, within a certain range, with a shorter bainite quenching process instead of a long-cycle, energy-consuming carburizing process.

(4) less oxidation-free heat treatment by using protective atmosphere heating instead of oxidation atmosphere heating to precise control of carbon potential, nitrogen potential controlled atmosphere heating, heat treatment after the performance of the parts are improved, heat treatment defects such as oxidation, decarburization and cracking are greatly reduced, the amount of finishing after heat treatment to reduce the amount of stay, improve the utilization of materials and machining efficiency. True air quenching, vacuum or low-pressure carburizing, nitriding, nitrogen-carburizing and boron penetration can significantly improve the quality of the workpiece, reduce distortion and improve life.

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