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The vacuum furnace designed from the process perspective will make a good product


Jul 06,2018

The vacuum furnace designed from the process perspective will make a good product

From the process point of view, the design of the vacuum furnace will make a good product

Vacuum heat treatment process can improve the service life of parts, is the most advanced contemporary heat treatment process, has been generally recognized.

The popularity of vacuum furnace is in the background of this era came into being. Vacuum furnace in the parts heat treatment in a vacuum state, completely avoiding the problem of oxidation, vacuum heat treatment of parts after the performance is more stable and reliable, to provide a guarantee for precision workpiece processing. According to statistics, the service life of parts treated with vacuum furnaces is 30% or even several times higher than that of parts treated by ordinary processes with comparable hardness.

When we use the vacuum furnace, we will also face some heat treatment process in the vacuum furnace can not complete the problem, the reasons for this, there are two aspects: one is the vacuum furnace manufacturer in accordance with the standard production of vacuum furnace, although the technical parameters qualified, but in the production of vacuum furnace process is not a comprehensive system to consider the heat treatment process, resulting in the vacuum furnace parameters and heat treatment process parameters do not match. Matching. Secondly, the vacuum heat treatment process is defective and cannot achieve the desired results. In this regard, Zhengzhou Feilong Heat Treatment Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has made bold attempts and innovations, the company's heat treatment process development and vacuum furnace manufacturing organic combination together, the effect is obvious. Zhengzhou Feilong company has more than 30 years of heat treatment production experience and more than 350 kinds of mature heat treatment process, they through the expert teaching way to let the vacuum furnace design and development team to understand the process and details of each process, and applied in the design practice, so that the vacuum furnace design and manufacturing and heat treatment process perfect fit, each vacuum furnace factory, are subject to the company's heat treatment production process of practical hot debugging. After reaching the standard installation, can be put into use, while the company also provides users with mature heat treatment process technology support, for the vacuum furnace users to solve the worries.

Only from the process point of view, the design and production of vacuum furnaces, to make good products, technology is stable, reliable quality, and strong core competitiveness.

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