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Fall 2018 Employee Skills Training


Dec 20,2018

Fall 2018 Employee Skills Training

The annual "Autumn Staff Training" of Zhengzhou Feixhong Heat Treatment Equipment Manufacturing Co. In order to detect the effect of this skills training, consolidate the staff skills knowledge mastery, in the company's leadership attaches great importance to the strict organization of the training teachers, the training summary of this year's examination.

This examination is divided into five major items, which are heat treatment inspection, heat treatment process, mechanical drawing, vacuum furnace electrical principles, induction quenching and electrical fundamentals. Based on the lecture knowledge and review materials of each training teacher, and guided by the actual production of our company, the examination questions were flexible and close to the reality. All the trained employees put in full enthusiasm to review and prepare for the exam. During the examination, all of them could observe the examination discipline, correct attitude, and answer the questions seriously as required, during the examination, the examination room was in good order, and the overall effect of the examination was good, which effectively ensured the authenticity of the examination results.

Through this examination, it further consolidated the knowledge of staff skills training, strengthened the concept of learning company, and laid a solid technical foundation for the innovative development of the company.

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